Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Martin Luther King Jr. Day Should Be More Recognized

Martin Luther King Jr. was a powerful man. His voice and leadership led to a new age in America. So my question is, why don't people recognize him more for what he's done? Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and no one seemed to realize this. I used to support Malcolm X more than King, but i once saw a video of Martin delivering a speech about how the human body is made up of chemicals. Enough iron to make a penny, enough iron to make a nail & just enough fat to make a bar of soap. That's when I realized, this man was more than a spokesperson. This man was a scientist. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 proves how the man used his knowledge and wisdom to educate young black men & women to finish a movement that he started. It shouldn't be just black people that recognize what type of man he was, the entire world should be more educated on Martin Luther King Jr. because he was a person who was capable of using his words over actions and used his voice to change the world.

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