Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Everyone has a favourite movie. Some prefer a good comedy or a movie that can scare someone and keep them up at night but for me, Boyz-n-the-Hood is without a doubt my favourite. The message is clear in this movie, that living in South Central Los Angeles is a constant struggle when you are surrounded by drugs, gangs and violence. Aside from the powerful message displayed, the movie also features my favourite movie character of all time, Furious Styles. Furious is the father of main character in the movie and he displays a very powerful mind and teaches his son lessons that I also follow. Furious expresses his knowledge and wisdom often and some of the things he say in the movie will leave you thinking for a while after the movie is over. This is a big reason why Boyz-n-the-Hood is an award-winning movie and my personal favourite.

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  1. Boyz-n-the-Hood was an excellent movie. Why is South Central Los Angeles rife with drugs, gangs and violence? What lessons does Furious Styles share and you follow?